Spotify Reveals This Hilarious Easter Egg Only When You Try to Quit


Spotify is serious about playlists. You probably already knew that, but it's much more intense than you may have suspected. The company creates custom playlists to answer customers' questions — and even has a custom playlist ready to beg customers to continue paying $9.99 a month for their premium membership. 

Reddit user ThePoundDollar recently tried to cancel their Spotify premium account, and Spotify offered up a playlist begging them not to leave:


The tactic worked, too, because ThePoundDollar ended up switching to a student plan, according to the Reddit post. Of course, ThePoundDollar may have been planning to do that all along.

When we tried to cancel our own Spotify Premium account, we saw a similar message with a link to the same playlist: 


This is nothing out of the ordinary for Spotify, which regularly uses customized playlists to answer users' questions.

Now that's customer service.