9 Tweets From People That Totally Missed the Point About International Women's Day


There is no denying that women remain at a disadvantage globally. Yet International Women's Day on Tuesday — a day devoted to recognizing gender disparities and efforts to eliminate them — still angers swarms of men's rights activists feeling left out.

For all those skeptics, let's start by looking at the numbers. 

Two-thirds of illiterate adults across the world are women; more than a third of women have endured physical or sexual violence (most often from partners); a third of girls in developing countries are married before turning 18 years old — sometimes sold to considerably older men. And, for those women and girls who resist arranged marriages, many are victims of "honor killings."

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But a day to recognize this? No, thank you, or so say a considerable number of the twitterati. 

Instead, they expressed outrage at giving women their own day. And why, some asked, is there no International Men's Day?

Minor sidenote: There is an International Men's Day — it's Nov. 19.

But for every outraged Twitter user, there is someone waiting in the wings to mock them. As the saying goes...

Plenty of people had fun offering their own retorts to the anti-International Women's Day sentiment. 

The road to International Women's Day began almost a century ago, in 1908, when 15,000 women took to the streets of New York City, marching for equal rights. And the first iteration of the day started with National Woman's Day on Feb. 28, 1909, which was celebrated throughout the United States. The tradition evolved from there. 

However, while women have certainly come far, continuing resistance to the day almost a hundred years later suggests that the reason for celebrating it in the first place is still alive and well. 

So please join us in November when we will count the 9 best tweets honoring International Men's Day, or so say our friends above.