Will My Phone Automatically Change for Daylight Saving Time? Here's How You Can Be Sure

For daylight saving time in the United States on March 13, the clock will skip straight from 1:59 a.m. to 3 a.m. (except in Hawaii and Arizona, which don't make the adjustment). No big deal, except that most of the country is fast asleep at that time. So will we need to wake up and adjust the microwave and analog clocks? Probably. More importantly, will our smart phones adjust automatically to daylight saving time? 

For iPhone users who have their date and time set to adjust automatically and have the latest iOS, they should be in the clear. That feature can be turned on in the phone's date and time settings. For extra precautions, iPhone Hacks describes how to turn on location services for setting the time zone.

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The same idea goes for Android users: as long as the automatic network time and time zone settings are on, the phone should adjust to daylight saving time on its own, according to Android Central

Still, those who are totally dependent on their cell phones should be aware: in the past few years, some iPhones have notoriously failed to automatically adjust for daylight saving in some parts of the world, the Telegraph reported.