Mark Ruffalo Introduces the Country to Black Men for Bernie


Actor Mark Ruffalo traveled to Flint, Michigan, on Monday to interview Black Men For Bernie members Bruce C. Carter and Shaun Ross on why they stand behind Sanders.

"This is a white guy for black men for Bernie," Ruffalo said in a video with Carter and Ross that he uploaded to his YouTube channel.

Ruffalo, a Sanders supporter, said during a Sunday appearance on MSNBC that Sanders "awoke something" in him.

When he traveled to Flint, Ruffalo asked Carter why he's passionate about Bernie's candidacy.

Carter pointed to Sanders's history of activism surrounding civil rights: "This is Bernie Sanders in the early '60s chained to a black lady fighting for segregation of education in Chicago and getting arrested," Carter told Ruffalo.

"So, he has proven his love for black people a long time ago," Carter said. "Remember when, back then, people were getting killed and called negro lovers and all the other stuff, but he was still on the battlefield."

On his Tumblr page, Ruffalo posted a picture of Carter and Ross meeting Bernie Sanders:

"That's our job as black men to stand up and get that message out so they'll come in and put Bernie where he's supposed to be."

As a resident of Flint, Carter sees Sanders as the most fitting guy to prevent future crises like the clean water shortage.

"And we won't have situations like Flint," Carter says. "Cause Bernie will make it go away."

"Bernie has proven that he's for us, now it's our turn to show that we're for him," Ross said. 

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