Ann Romney RNC Speech: 9 Women of PolicyMic Respond


Ann Romney's speech last night was widely interpreted as an attempt to woo women for husband — but did she succeed?

While it may be too soon to determine whether or not women will vote for Romney, nine women of PolicyMic offer their thoughts on his wife's speech.

1) "Ann Romney did not actually open up to the crowd or detail her past life experiences, which would have helped her relate. Failing to connect to the American public, much less to American women, and unable to rally or inspire the crowd, Romney and her lackluster performance simply affirmed what many of us already know - the Romneys really are out of touch." — Avantika Krishna

2) "I've always rather liked Mrs. Romney and I was certainly willing to defend her and Rafalca on PolicyMic last month. It's nice that she supports her husband and—given the givens—one expects her to do so, but she cannot hide the fact that he's a 100% sociopath." — Susan Kraykowski

3) "I was looking forward to a great speech from Ann Romney last night. While she looked and sounded amazing and polished, I didn't warm to what she said until she described that Mitt Romney didn't want to talk about the things he did for other people, because he considered the ability to do so a privilege. I responded to that value and think it was the best point she made in the speech. People who genuinely help others don't crave recognition for it. This rang true to me and was the best part of the speech.” — Amy Sterling Casil

4) “Ann Romney's speech was a stirring homage to America's backbone: women. Not only did her words captivate the audience, but it also showed her and her husband's humanity, and their desire to better the nation. However, her inspiring words highlight the many hypocritical policies her husband would like to enact that would only hurt the people they are trying help. “ — Camira Powell

5) “It's interesting that Ann Romney spoke specifically to women, women's issues, and the fact that life is just a little bit harder for women than it is for men in this country. Apparently she does not realize that poverty affects women disproportionately, that scaling back health care reform affects women disproportionately, and that every program her husband wants to cut will disproportionately harm women and 'make things just a little bit harder' for every woman in this country (with less money than her.)” — Mia Pskowski

6) “Ann Romney warmed our hearts and humanized Mitt Romney. If you weren't already convinced, now ‘you CAN trust Mitt!’” — Katherine Dudley Hoehn

7) “Her words? ‘We've got a real marriage.’ Gimme a break. Does that qualify Mitt to be President? She may mean what she says. But — and it's a big but — she said nothing substantive.” — Ann Jackowitz

8) "I think her speech was over the top, but powerful. She was about 25 million times more human than he ever comes across as. I also found it borderline creepy but that's just because she's not my cup of tea. I also think her speech probably worked just how the Romneys wanted it to on a lot of people."— Elena Sheppard

9) “Ann Romney was very attune to the trials and tribulations of women, especially with her episodes with MS and breast cancer. She attempts to humanize her husband, but it still doesn't convince me. Mitt Romney needs to show more of the compassion and personality that his wife mentions for me to consider voting for Romney.”Michelle Adams