On Barbie's Birthday, It's Clear How Much Can Change in 57 Years

Want to know just how our fashion and beauty standards have changed?

Just look at Barbie, a "living" testimony to the way women see beauty, fashion and their bodies. Since she debuted on March 9, 1959, at the American Toy Fair in New York City, Barbie has functioned as a time capsule in doll form. She was, after all, the first doll for kids made with an adult body. As a "teenage fashion model," she has always reflected the trends of the times with her ever-fashionable outfits, painted-on makeup and perma-arched feet.

Or flat feet — since now, in 2016, we finally have Barbies who can wear flats and sneakers. We also finally have Barbies with bigger butts, kinkier hair, darker skin and stockier statures. 

Barbie has always embodied our ideals; now, she's finally beginning to embody our reality.

Barbie, 1959paille-fr/Flickr
The new Barbie Pin-Up, showcased at the Toy Salon in Lyon, France, in February 1963Getty Images
Vintage Barbie in the "Togetherness" collection, 1968romitagirl67/Flickr
Barbie on display, November 19, 1979Getty Images
A Barbie doll wearing designer clothes taken in Paris, May 1985Getty Images
Barbie wearing "designer" clothes, 1989FRANCOIS MARIT/Getty Images
A dentist Barbie doll is displayed at the International Toy Center annual fair, February 10, 1997 Getty Images
Barbie dolls for the Olympics are displayed by Mattel at the American International Toy Fair, February 14, 2000Getty Images
The new Jewel Girl Barbie is displayed by Mattel at the American International Toy Fair, February 14, 2000Getty Images
This Barbie is an ice skater who can really twirl and skate as she performs in the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter GamesGetty Images
Toy maker Mattel, Inc. featured an extended line of Barbie figures and accessories at the International Toy Fair, February 10, 2002Getty Images
Girls Aloud Barbie Dolls, 2005Getty Images
Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Friendship Doll on display at the Dream Toys 2013 press day, November 6, 2013 Getty Images