How to Access the Secret Japanese Kana Kaomoji Keyboard Found In Every iPhone


Emojis have become an intrinsic tool in modern language, with the crying tears of joy face winning Oxford Dictionary's word of the year in 2015. These tools for immediate and succinct self expression is why we're always hungry for new emojis instead of having to type all those thoughts into words — which would be so early 2000s. 

Luckily, a secret keyboard on the iPhone called Japanese Kana is being discovered by the masses, and will soon bring the simplicity and elusively adorable faces already popular in many online communities. Here's how to access it without having to download any additional add-ons. 

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1. Access your iPhone's Settings.

Your keyboard will be equipped with an easy shortcut to access the kaomojis that you'll soon notice the rest of your friends tweeting, captioning Instagram photos with and exploding everywhere else on the web. 

By clicking on the first visible kaomoji on the bottom lefthand corner of the keyboard, a plethora of faces will pop up, including surprised faces, happy ones, kaomojis listening to music and others who seem sullen, scared and frustrated. They're similar to the original iPhone emojis that have become popular worldwide, however these offer more of a simple yet abstract appeal. They're colorless, can each have several meanings and are entirely universal.

And soon, we might just be using them more than our native tongues (^-^).