There's an Adele-Pokémon Mashup Music Video — and It's the Best Thing on the Internet

Adelémon? Pokédele? It's hard to mix the British singer Adele with the higher popular Pokémon series — and frankly — there's no good reason you should. As it turns out, though, "Rolling in the Deep" is a surprisingly seamless fit with the original Pokémon theme song, and we have YouTuber Goldram to thank. 

Not only does the mashup combine the artist's signature hit with the theme song (renamed "We Could Have Caught 'Em All," appropriately) but Goldram also took the time to meticulously add Adele's face to each Pokémon featured in the video. 

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What's more, the faces displayed feature a wide range of emotions — catered to specific Pokémon. A happy Adele is a fitting Pikachu. A deadpan Adele is a terrific Bulbasaur. A fierce Adele is trademark Charizard, who is straight fire. 

Check out the full "We Could Have Caught 'Em All" mashup below.