Searching Google for This Word Will Make You Totally, Gleefully Nauseous


Something amusing happens when you put "askew" in the Google search field: Your whole screen goes — you guessed it — askew. 

Let Me Google That for You

On Tuesday and Wednesday, people started cottoning onto the quirky feature, sharing their newfound discovery on Twitter.

As it turns out, the Easter egg has been around for a while now, and, in fact, Google has a sense of humor about quite a lot of things — especially existential questions. Searching for "the loneliest number," for example, will make the single and lonely among us cry into their black coffees.


And here's a great money saver: Bypass that ashram retreat in Pondicherry, India, this summer and instead try asking Google for the answer to life.


Not all the fun results, though, require intense probing.


And, if you don't get seasick easily, we recommend you try searching "do a barrel roll." 

Is your day officially derailed? You're welcome.

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