A Heated Debate Ignites Over the Color of Bernie Sanders' Suit


Is it brown or is it blue? 

That was the question on many people's minds last night as they watched Sen. Bernie Sanders in the eighth democratic debate.

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Though he discussed important topics, such as the deportation of undocumented children and his plan to establish free tuition at public colleges, many on Twitter focused on another issue entirely.

In a bout of déjà vu to last year's infamous "the dress" debate, folks could not agree on the true color of both Sanders' suit, with some even speculating it wasn't brown or blue, but black.

But which color is it, really? According to Sanders' Rapid Response Director, Mike Casca, the suit was blue.

Coming from his own camp, one would believe that to be the gospel, right? That is, until 21 minutes later, when Photoshop jumped into the argument.

Within minutes of the debate (the suit debate, not the actual debate), following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie's leg and Aretha Franklin's hat, a parody Twitter account, @BerniesSuit, had been born.

After leaving it up to a vote...

... the account finally made its vote known: brown.

So which is really, brown or blue or... black? The correct answer: