New Study Proves the 'Orgasm Gap' Is Alive and Well on College Campuses


When it comes to oral sex among the straights, there's a common stereotype that men are lazy blowjob-hogs who insist on getting their lil' wieners sucked, yet never offer to return the favor for their partners. 

But now that it's 2016 and we're all ostensibly a bit more enlightened and sex-positive, is this old chestnut actually still true? 

Unfortunately, according to a new study, it totally is. Men are indeed less likely to go down on the women that go down on them.


The study, which was recently published in the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, sought to determine how much pleasure men and women were gaining from their adventures in oral sex. After surveying nearly 900 heterosexual college students about their wet 'n' wild sexcapades, the researchers found that more than two-thirds of them had incorporated oral into their most recent sexual liaison. 

And here's where it gets interesting. The authors wrote that while 63% of men reported having received oral sex during their last encounter, only 44% of women said their last partners had gone down on them. Furthermore, 59% of women said they went down on their last partners, versus a slightly smaller 52% of men.  

Some of this disparity, the researchers reported, can be attributed to so-called "hookup culture":

Ratings of pleasure experienced when giving and receiving oral sex were higher among women who were cohabitating, engaged, or married, compared to women whose partners were casual (i.e., hookup, friends with benefits).

So, uh, men are more likely to care about the pleasure of women they deem "wifeable" than they are their more casual hookup partners? Cute!

While these findings are a little disheartening, they're not exactly surprising. The orgasm gap between men and women is a well-documented phenomenon by now, with some studies estimating that only 57% of women regularly orgasm from their sexual encounters, compared to 95% of their male partners. Perhaps this is why Amy Schumer was such a big hit last year when she encouraged men to make their girlfriends cum during her HBO Special! Because men are simple-minded creatures, and they literally need to be reminded.

All of the above notwithstanding, it's worth noting that some guys are on the record as saying that they absolutely love eating pussy. We can think of at least one.


h/t Glamour