We Have Questions for the Man Who Sent 28 Angry Texts to an Unsuspecting Tinder Match


Earlier this week, a miserable little man decided to take his general dissatisfaction with life and hatred of all things to the next level by lashing out at an unsuspecting young woman known only as msmessyclean on Imgur.

"He seemed pretty normal as first, a few quirks here and there," msmessyclean (a username presumably inspired by her tendency to be both messy and clean at the same time) wrote in a post on Tuesday. "Matched, had a brief conversation, asked for my number and I gave it to him."


Here's what happened next (please note that the pair had yet to meet for a first date at this point):

All photos: Imgur

Welcome back! Did you enjoy those 28 text messages? Do you feel kind of bad for thinking the dude is a monster, because what if he truly is struggling? Same. 

Do you think he might just be entirely full of shit altogether? Same. 

Do you find yourself wondering why msmessyclean bothered to engage him at all once he started unraveling like an imposter Chanel scarf? Same. 

Do you wonder if maybe these aren't real text messages to begin with and the whole thing is a hoax being carried out by suburban tweens with too much time on their hands and only a vague understanding of how adult dating is supposed to work? Same!

Life is very mysterious. 

h/t Cosmopolitan