Viral Video of a Solar Eclipse Captured From the Window a Plane Will Blow Your Damn Mind


Fasten your seat belts and return your trays to the upright and locked position — this is about to be one hell of a ride.

An Alaska Airlines flight bound for Hawaii made a slight change to its flight plan Tuesday, much to the delight of some astronomers onboard hoping to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse. 

Catch it they did: One window seat passenger was able to record amazing footage of the event, where the moon was completely blocked by the sun for two full minutes.


The true delight, however, is all ours, because not since Double-Rainbow-All-Across-The-Sky Guy has a human being been as excited about an organically occurring process of nature as the man who can be heard in the background of this clip.

Come for the incredible above-the-clouds footage of the sun being fully eclipsed by the moon, stay for the man yelling "Totality! Totality!" over and over again.