Queer Teens Are Now the Majority, Goodbye Straight People

Hide your kids, hide your wife, because Generation Z is dating everybody up in here. 

In a new report from the J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group shared exclusively with Vice, 48% of teens asked to identify on the famous Kinsey scale — which ranges from 0 ("completely heterosexual") to 6 ("completely homosexual") — identified as completely heterosexual. This is a much smaller number than millennials, 65% of whom identify as exclusively straight. 

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While 48% of teens identify as straight, over a third of those surveyed selected a number from 1-5, which indicates differing levels of bisexuality. 

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But there's a lot more in this survey than just sexuality: 56% of teens said they know someone who goes by a gender-neutral pronoun like "they," "them" or "ze," compared to 43% of those aged 28 to 34 years old. 

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Overall, gender just means a lot less to teens. Over a third of teens felt that gender doesn't mean anything when it comes to defining yourself as a person, compared to 23% of millennials age 28 and up.

As if they weren't rejecting the gender binary already, while 54% of millennials like to shop in a gender-specific section of the store, only 44% of teens said they buy clothes specified for their one gender. It's kinda like, to teens, retail clothing stores are just one vast sky of options. 

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It actually sounds kinda great. Kudos, teens, for pushing the world into a less rigid, more accepting place.