Can You Spot the Difference Between a Bernie Sanders and a Donald Trump Chicago Rally?


Whether you were raising your voice to scream or raising your voice to sing on Friday night in the Chicago area depends on which candidate's rally you attended. 

Supporters and protesters of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump clashed at the candidate's scheduled rally in Chicago, which led to this now-infamous photo

However, it was a different story a few miles away in Summit, Illinois, where Democratic presidential candidate Sanders held a rally ahead of Ohio's scheduled primary on March 15. At the Summit rally, Sanders led his supporters in a rousing rendition of Americana classic "This Land Is Your Land." 


Flanked by guitarists on either side, Sanders pointed to various people in the crowd and mouthed the words along in a peaceful display of unity.

Last night, Trump tweeted that the people who protested his rally were "thugs." Today, Trump's latest rally was the site of even more chaos and panic when someone tried to jump on stage. Several people live-tweeting the rally reported that Trump advocated for his supporters to "fight back" against protestors. 

 I don't know about you, but I think most people would choose a sing along over a brawl any day of the week.