Swedish Politician Says You Can Be As Loud As the Hell You Want When You're Making Love


Last week, a Swedish man named Samuel, who just wanted to get a good night's sleep, reached out via Twitter to Sweden's health minister Gabriel Wikström with a desperate plea: Tell my neighbors to STFU with their thunderous sounds of love-making past ten o'clock at night — maybe, like, make a law or something?

"My neighbors are once again having noisy sex," Samuel wrote to the health official, reports Swedish website the Local. "You're my only hope: Could you ban risqué exercises after 10 p.m.?"

His request was brutally rebuffed just a half hour later.

"Sounds nice for them, I think," Wikström tweeted back. "Good for their wellbeing and thus public health as well." 

This isn't the first time someone has defended loud sex. Maureen O'Connor implored readers not to apologize for it in a 2014 article on the Cut, and Women's Health gave its readers "9 Reasons Why You Should Be Having LOUD Sex" later that year, one of which backs up Wikström's claim that moaning and groaning during sex can be healthy, as it helps "facilitate your breathing."

Still, it kinda sucks for Samuel that his sleep cycle is being fucked up by his neighbors' loud libidos. Because you know what else is good for "wellbeing and thus public health as well," Gabriel Wikström? Sleep!

h/t The Local