More Than 1/3 of Florida Latinos Support Donald Trump Over Marco Rubio, Poll Says


Even though there are a lot of people who think that 2016 presidential candidate and business mogul Donald Trump is no bueno, especially for U.S. Latinos, many Florida Latinos who vote Republican have actually come to embrace The Donald. 

According to a new Florida Atlantic University poll of 852 likely voters, Trump leads among Latino Republicans and beats his next-closest rival, Cuban Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, by 2 percentage points. According to those surveyed, Trump currently enjoys 36.9% of the Latino vote in Florida, while Rubio has 34.5%. 

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Trump is leading overall in Florida with 44% of the vote, so it makes sense that more Republican voters would resign to fall in line with the Republican frontrunner

Latinos and Trump still don't seem to make the best match. Trump said he believes in deporting millions of U.S. immigrants, and his particular brand of racism has begun to creep into the minds of America's children

Of course, just because Rubio is Cuban does not make him a better candidate for Latinos. Several Florida Latinos protested Rubio's announcement to run in April. They held signs that said, "El sueño de Rubio es nuestra pesadilla," or, "Rubio's dream is our nightmare." A picture of the protesters still sits unnoticed on Rubio's Flickr.

Fox News Latino spoke with some Cuban-Americans who are casting their ballots for Trump to find out why they've embraced him.

"He's a radical change from traditional politicians," Rene Santiesteban told Fox News Latino. "That's what we need now. We need someone the world can respect."

A Cuban-American couple, Nelson and Yani, who only gave their first names to Fox News Latino, said they chose to vote for Trump because they were tired of politics-as-usual on both sides of the aisle. 

"I think Donald Trump is going to make a difference in this country," Nelson told Fox News Latino. "He's going to follow through on his policies."

"We need a president who knows how to make money in good and bad times," said Yani, who cast her ballot for Barack Obama in 2012. "He has shown he can do that with his businesses."

It seems several Florida Latinos have actually caught Trump fever. This is what happens when voters are caught between a rock, a hard place and possibly the Zodiac killer.