North Carolina Primary 2016: Full Results for Democratic and Republican Races


Tuesday's North Carolina primary is a semi-open event, meaning any registered voter, regardless of political party, can vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary. One thing seems to be apparent: Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are leading by wide margins in their respective races.

According to a survey released by High Point University, likely and actual Republican voters appear to support Trump, who led with 48%, with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz placing second with 28%. On the left, likely and actual Democratic voters appear to support Clinton, who leads with 58% against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' 34%. 

This post will be continually updated with the latest vote tallies, per the Associated Press


The AP projected Clinton as the Democratic winner of the North Carolina primary at 8:23 p.m. Eastern.

Precincts reporting: 100%

Clinton: 54.6%, 616,383 votes

Sanders: 40.8%, 460,316 votes


At 9:52 p.m. Eastern, the AP projected Trump as the winner of the North Carolina primary.

Precincts reporting: 100%

Trump: 40.2%, 458,151 votes

Cruz: 36.8%, 418,650votes

Kasich: 12.7%, 144,299 votes

Rubio: 7.7%, 87,858 votes