Samantha Bee Tears Trump, Cruz Apart — "Even God" Doesn't Want to Deal With Cruz


The GOP is understandably concerned with real estate mogul Donald Trump — who Samantha Bee likens to Italian fascist Mussolini — as the republican frontrunner. On Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, however, Bee notes that Trump's closest competitor in the Republican race isn't exactly a worthy candidate, either. Highlighting his near-universal unlikability even among his peers, Bee took her attention to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and why he "always looks like he's covered in a glistening layer of slime even though we know that can't possibly be true." 

Bee showed a slew of clips of colleagues slamming Cruz, most notably, former Republican senator Bob Dole, who — as the host noted — has "fought actual Nazis." She then moved toward the senator's upbringing, with the infamous chest-burster scene from Ridley Scott's Alien as the backdrop for his birth. 


Even in the guise of comedy, though, Bee highlighted the unsettling rhetoric of Cruz's supporters, which includes his father, the Rev. Rafael Cruz, and their mission to dissolve the separation of church and state. Rafael Cruz also cites his son as the candidate that's inherently the choice of God, saying that divine messages have been sent to the senator through the likes of his wife, Heidi Cruz. 

However — for all of Rafael Cruz's boasting for his son — Bee underlined that God never speaks to the senator directly, which is a telling sign. "Guys, the message is clear — even God cannot stand to have a direct conversation with Ted Cruz," Bee says. "We really are made in his image." 


Check out Bee's full, six-minute takedown of the senator on Full Frontal below. 

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