Eva Longoria's L'Oreal Face Cream Ad Tells Women Looking Sad Isn't Pretty


As if you needed another reason to smile more, ladies: Eva Longoria has turned us on to a face cream that promises to reverse that Resting Bitch Face (RBF) by targeting the most deeply depressing wrinkles of all — "the vertical ones," which — according to the actress in a new L'Oreal Revitalift ad — "make you look sad."

"Wrinkles? Sad looking? Not for me," Longoria says in the commercial, smiling somewhat reservedly after swiping the miracle cream onto her face. 

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Which makes us wonder: If vertical wrinkles, otherwise known as laugh lines, make for a sad face and sad faces are unattractive, if we take that favorite proviso of random men and pundits alike — "smile more!" — to mean that a sunny, smiley disposition is the remedy for unattractive sad face, then what on earth is the beauty industry asking of women? Pile on the Revitalift and perpetuate this vicious cycle? Or simply say fuck it and settle into stony neutrality?

Maybe the way out of this thorny Catch-22 is to give women more to smile about: Cut the pink tax; close the wage gap; quit with the mansplaining; open up access to basic health care; allow them autonomy over their bodies; stop slut shaming; take a meaningful stand against sexual assault. Maybe then the laughter would come more naturally. Maybe then we wouldn't need your wrinkle cream, Eva Longoria. 

The U.K. version is below, for reference.