8 Times It Looked Like Rihanna and Drake Were Dating and Were Major #RelationshipGoals


Rihanna and Drake either have a lot of sexual chemistry or are both exceptional actors. No shade thrown at Degrassi, but the former seems more likely to be true. The pair has worked together on a number of music videos, most recently the two-part video for "Work," off Rihanna's latest album, Anti. And while Rihanna has recently denied the relationship potential, whenever they get together onstage or in front of a camera, it looks a lot like Rihanna and Drake are dating.

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Need proof? We've rounded up eight GIFs that bring the Rihanna-Drake heat, because even if we don't need convincing, they just might. 

Contrived music video moment or a glimmer of real intimacy? You decide:

When Drake is being annoying but in a way that charms Rihanna. Which seems like it could be the way that relationship would go, tbh:

You know, like this. But all in good fun:

Sharing a laugh, as couples (and non-couples) do:

But then brushing away stray tendrils as mostly only couples and would-be couples do:

Indulging in a little PDA:

As in:

We rest our case, drop the mic/milk: