Slow Internet Really Does Stress You Out, Says Study

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In the least shocking science discovery news ever, researchers believe they've confirmed slow internet speeds actually make your heart race. That should be obvious to anyone who's tried to check their mail on an airplane


The report, published by Ericsson, a mobile broadband company that will for sure benefit from you wanting faster internet and less stress, claims that mobile content delays, on average, spike your heart rate by 38%. When a video rebutters, your heart rate rises anywhere from 19% to 34%. Which is, according to Ericsson, the same level of stress you feel when you watch a horror movie.

The report says just a two-second delay in loading a YouTube video will raise your stress by 3%. If the delay lasted 6 seconds, half of the study participants experienced a 19-point leap in stress levels (the other half just got distracted, so their stress levels dropped).


So, if this is correct, even though you're watching a comedy or something adorable, if the internet stinks, your body thinks you're watching The Babadook. And if you spend all day in an office with crappy internet speed, it's like you're watching horror flicks from 9 to 5.

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