This Artist Is Fighting Unsolicited Dick Pics With Sassy, Smoking Vaginas On Instagram


Your vagina probably can't talk. But if it could, it'd probably say, "I want you to draw me. Draw me like one of your French girls."

And then it would purse its royal cherry lips and take another drag of its Marlboro Light while sassily winking at you, like so (NSFW):

Oakland artist Stephanie Sarley has a knack for drawing festive anthropomorphized vulvas, all for the purpose of drowning out the deluge of dick pics in the world while also de-stigmatizing the pink canoe.

As she told the Huffington Post in a recent interview:

It's important for me to portray that vaginas aren't something to be ashamed of, protect, hide away or control ... Vaginas are really important to me. That's why I do all these split leg caricatures with all these cunts of different shapes and sizes. It's just fun. It's how I deal with all this bullshit women have to deal with on a daily basis.

Another one of Sarley's pro-V art projects, a series of video clips in which she fingered various fruits as if they were actual vaginas, has actually been censored by Instagram before for somehow being too racy. Who knew blood oranges could be so NSFW?

At least Instagram seems to have come to its senses, as Sarley's fruit videos, along with the vulva drawings, are currently proudly displayed in her grid. Which is good news for her followers, because her drawings are indeed great fun. They are also full of emotion, mood and personality. These vulvas are just like us!

They eat spaghetti:

They cry:

They apply makeup:

And sometimes they just enjoy a nice, stiff...


You can check out more of Sarley's work below, and over at her website.

h/t The Huffington Post