Dear Paul Ryan: You Might Have Just Won Over Every Mom in America


Dear Mr. Ryan:

Thank you for keeping your focus on the economic health of America in your speech last night before the Republican National Convention. Some (mainly the Obama campaign) will want to smother your brilliant remarks with unrelated rhetoric about "women's issues" that aren't concerns for all women, and unfairly point us at issues only below the waist, not those most critical to our country right now. 

Like most women, I don't like someone else setting my priorities for me, or telling me what my views should be. You told me that my views are important and that we will all work together to bring our country back to health again. 

Your theme of the Obama administration's ability to throw away money and stay silent about its lack of success in turning the economy around was woven through your remarks, and it is one that must resonate with all of us, men and women.

Thank you for reminding us that the "first order of business is to get people back to work." With 23 million people unemployed or underemployed, and one out of six Americans living in poverty, we are awake to the importance of working together to help one another.  Our college graduates who aren't finding jobs are a special concern, as you noted. Having faced many months of unemployment during the Obama administration, I especially appreciate your acknowledgement of this huge problem.

You reminded us that $716 billion was funneled out of Medicare by President Obama to pay for a Obamacare, the "new entitlement we didn't even ask for." Reminding us that Medicare is important to widows like your grandmother and mother keeps us focused on helping to ensure that Medicare is there for our children and their children, too.

This mom especially appreciates your introduction of your beautiful family, your acknowledgement that in every life is goodness and in every person hope. That we are made in the image and likeness of the Lord of Life is a good reminder of another bond we all share. You pointed out that while your religion and Mr. Romney's may be different, the "best kind of preaching is done by example." It was great to be hear that Mr. Romney is prayerful, faithful, and honorable. 

But most of all, thank you for focusing primarily on the problem of our country's poor economic health and the plans you and Mr. Romney will put in place to counteract four years of decline. Again you talked about our working together and helping one another.

I now feel more confident that the Romney Ryan team would take responsibility and encourage us all to work hard and not duck issues. And I also know that you and Mr. Romney don't have the same playlists on your iPods, and I chuckle thinking about how you didn't agree on background music.

Hearing "My mom is my role model," was nothing short of awesome. Every mother in America had to feel good hearing that.   

Thank you for addressing men and women as equals and for your focus on what is most important.

Best regards,

Katherine Dudley Hoehn