The Lisa Frank-Inspired Tarot Deck You've Been Waiting For Is Finally Here


The tween witch in you is going to love this news: Animator and artist Ariel Hart has created a deck of tarot cards, the mystical cards often used to divine the future, in the style of retro-psychedelic designer Lisa Frank (aka the woman designed the cover of the unicorn notebook you had in fourth grade).

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Hart posted images of the Lisa Frank tarot deck to her Tumblr page last week, and they quickly went viral — probably because the look gives us instant nostalgia. "Lisa Frank is a great example of a brand that was likely intended for young people that inadvertently found a way to stick with them for the rest of their lives," Hart told the Huffington Post in an email this week.

Ariel Hart/Tumblr

In Hart's deck, Justice is represented by a rainbow space bear, the High Priestess is an adorable dog sitting on a throne made of lollipops and Death is a bunny in a tutu riding a unicorn next to two cheerleading bears. Obviously.

Images of the tarot deck, as well as more of Hart's awesome art, are available on her Tumblr.