These "Dudeoir" Photos Featuring a Half-Naked Hairy Man Are Truly Inspirational


There's something missing in your life — can you guess what it is?

It's the soul-affirming empowerment that comes from seeing a hairy Canadian man with a dad bod posing for a racy set of farm-themed "dudeoir" photos.

Dudeoir photos are like normal boudoir photos for ladies — except for manly men. Much like how so-called "dadchelor parties" are like baby showers for ladies — except for manly men. 

The last time a set of dudeoir photos went totally viral, they were the work of Canadian photographer Masika May, who also took these photos. "I couldn't believe it was a half-naked, hairy man that made [my work] go viral," May told the Huffington Post after her first set of dudeoir photos healed the lives of many back in January. 

May said that though she typically does traditional boudoir photos for women, her friend's husband wanted to do a tongue-in-cheek set of his own, so she obliged with a photo shoot that straight-up looks like soft-core bear porn.

The result was a liberating, uber-masc display of male body-confidence, empowering men of all sizes to laugh, love and live their #bestlives.

May told that the new set of photos was also commissioned by the fiancé of a friend, except instead of a traditional boudoir photo setting, the soon-to-be groom wanted to get down 'n' dirty and have them taken on his farm.

"I basically just followed him around while he was doing his daily chores," she said of the snapshots. "But made him pose in underwear while doing so."

It's worth noting that three weeks ago, May also photographed a pair of hairless cats making out:


Below are more dudeoir photos from the farm shoot!

Check out more of May's work on her website and Instagram.

h/t Cosmopolitan