What Happens When You Eat Raw Marijuana? If You've Thought About It, Read This First

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Admit it: After hitting the joint with your friends during a smoke session, attempting to take a bite or two of raw cannabis has crossed your mind. "Maybe this will get me high," you thought, while staring at a beautiful, bright green nug. "It would be just like eating edibles, without the extra calories, right?"

Wrong. Unfortunately, chewing on weed won't have any effects on your state of mind, save for absolute repulsion. Eating pot won't get you high, and it definitely doesn't taste good — according to multiple sources, not personal experience, of course. 

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In order for weed to provide the psychoactive effect smokers are looking for, the drug needs to go through a process known as decarboxylation, which is when the plant's THCA component converts to THC, usually achieved by applying heat such as through a lighter or a vaporizer. 

Still, the truest of stoners are constantly tempted to see what the weed they smoke tastes like. "When I finished off a baggie of weed there were some pieces in the corner I couldn't get out with my fingers," wrote one smoker on a cannabis forum. "I just stuck my tongue in it and ate the little pieces...I was stoned at the time."

Josh from Strain Central expertly explains the scientific reason why you won't be getting high by eating cannabis, while taking hits from a glorious looking bong:

Although you can't eat raw weed, there are certainly options for getting high that don't include smoking: anything from weed tea, to cannabutter and even edibles.