This Video of a Model Getting Her Entire Body Contoured Proves We've Reached Peak Contour


Facial contouring is problematic enough. It's underratedly challenging to do (women take classes to master it) and suggests women should change the structure of their face to be more attractive.

Then there's this video of a model contouring her entire body to appear she has a six-pack, gravity-defying cleavage, protruding collar bone and other Barbie-esque features.

And just like that, we've reached peak contouring. 

While admittedly mesmerizing, the video takes a woman that already meets a virtually unattainable beauty standard and reshapes her like an inanimate piece of art. Contouring goes from enhancing features to creating ones that don't exist.

Respected people in the beauty world have already spoken out against facial contouring. "I don't understand why someone needs to contour a face," makeup mogul Bobbi Brown told Vogue in its latest podcast episode. "I find the face beautiful as is; I like to enhance what I see."

"Contouring sends a bad message. It says, 'Something's wrong with you the way you are.' If you don't have cheekbones, you don't have cheekbones, and that's beautiful, and that's fine..." Brown added. 

Now add cleavage, six pack abs, long neck, toned arms, thighs, calves, buttox and the endless other physical features women are often insecure about to that list.