5 Better Things Hillary Clinton Has to Do Than Attend DNC 2012


It should come as no surprise that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be skipping the Democratic National Convention next week. Here is a list of 5 better things Hillary rather be doing with her time:

1. Staying far away from partisan politics:

Lets face it, for Dems, the 2012 Convention is just to show their support for Obama. We already know which candidate Hillary is rooting for; does she really need to attend the convention to confirm it? Let’s let Hillary remain a diplomat, shall we.

2. Promoting world peace: 

At a time when we are facing multiple international crises, it is expected that Hillary rather globe trot and focus on relationship building between nations than dance on stage at the convention.

3. Setting a world record: 

As a follow-up to (2), Clinton has broken numerous travel records since she has been appointed secretary of state. Hillary is expected to clock over 1 million miles and have visited over 100 countries by the time she steps down. If diplomats were measured by how much they traveled, Hillary would win by a landslide. Literally.

4. Catching bad guys: 

The Obama administration has been on a hot trail and has taken down a lot of corrupt leaders and most wanted terrorists. Someone has to keep the momentum going.

5. BBM’ng like a BOSS: 

Enough said. (If you don’t know what I’m referring to, you’ve been missing out. Click here)

If I still haven’t convinced you that Hillary has better things to do, don’t worry; you will still see a fair share of Clinton at the convention. Bill is expected to give the speech that will formally place Obama, as the ballot pick for the Democrats and Chelsea will also be in attendance at both the Republican and Democratic conventions.

Lets hope the next time Hillary Clinton plans to attend the Democratic National Convention it will be to confirm her as the Dems top pick for the presidential election in 2016.