5 Reasons Why Being Single in Your 20s Is Awesome


While being in a relationship in your 20s certainly has its own set of perks, many millennials are choosing to remain single for pragmatic reasons. Elsewhere, many 20-year-old millennials choose to remain single simply because it's awesome — even science says so! Here are five reasons why being single in yours 20s is not only awesome but also practical.

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Your paycheck is all yours.


You get to keep all your money — once you pay your rent, utilities, phone bill, cost of food and commuting to work, various streaming services — but other than that, all yours!

You can concentrate on your career.


You don't have to factor your SO should any opportunities, career and/or academic, arise. Additionally, you'll be free of the distracting and often time-consuming obligations associated with being in a committed relationship.

You don't necessarily have to share things.


Being single means you don't have to share your food (both the actual meal and deciding where to order from), bed, TV remote, which shows to watch (especially when they're airing at the same time), Netflix passwords, bathroom.

You learn to be self-sufficient.


You will be conditioned to rely on only yourself, instead of relying on others. Without that crutch, you will begin develop independence, self-sufficiency and integrity — you'll be the sole accountable person, with no one to blame.

You can date!


Which is to say: Being single is often misconstrued as being a hermit. When you're single, you can date casually and flirt with whomever you want. Feel free to take and give a number or two at the bar without any guilt or risk of inciting any jealousy should your SO find the incriminating napkin or while scrolling through your phone.