Mia Love RNC Speech Hides Racism at GOP Convention


Being a Republican doesn’t make you more of a racist, but it doesn’t hurt.

The day the GOP trotted out congressional candidate Mia Love, a gun-totin’, Mormon, African-American woman to show how cool they are with anyone, as long as they toe the line, a huge embarrassment occurred on the floor of the convention today.

Two convention-goers, apparently just as stupid as they are racist, reportedly threw peanuts at an African-American camerawoman.  The motivation was clear, as the cretins apparently told the CNN employee, “This is how we feed animals.”

If these two really are Republicans (I am almost suspicious that this was some sort of plant because of the sheer stupidity), it could not provide worse PR for a party that has a huge gap to make up among women voters, but whose candidate recently polled ZERO percent in a general election poll versus the president.

On the other hand, I suppose it should be no shock that a party full of birthers, anti-intellectuals, global warming-deniers, creationists, religious zealots, and George W. Bush-voters might send two of their best and brightest representatives to Tampa to represent them in an accordingly disgusting fashion. I wonder how long it took for someone to stop them.

Kudos to the Republicans for tossing out these knuckle-dragging troglodytes, though. Real tough call.

"Two attendees tonight exhibited deplorable behavior," the GOP said in a very brave statement. "Their conduct was inexcusable and unacceptable. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated."

I am biased here, so my words should not mean anything. I have-African Americans (or "the blacks," as Donald Trump calls them) in my family. Asian-Americans, too. I am dating a Haitian-Canadian.  Rush Limbaugh might call me racist just for liking someone because they are black. So I should be discounted in denouncing Republican race-baiting.

Saying “the blacks” or dropping an N-bomb doesn’t necessarily make you a racist. Romney making his birth certificate crack wasn’t that bad, either. Stupid? Yes. Dems should pounce on it. It’s not that saying these things makes a person racist, but the fact that they are insensitive to, and ignorant of, the meaning of what they are saying to people that you really know nothing about. That makes you disagreeable, and stupid for making yourself and your peers look bad.

Maybe these two idiots in Tampa just hate CNN. Maybe the camerawoman offended them legitimately. There is any number of excuses waiting on conservative radio tomorrow morning.

Everyone is racist, the sooner we can all admit that, the sooner we can start a real conversation in this country. Republicans are often paranoid that they are being called racist, when the word has not even been uttered. You are being insensitive and ignorant. Politically incorrect.

That sounds great to some people. A real badge of honor. Where are my peanuts?