Donald Trump Spews Actual Bull Shit in This Repugnant Art Piece GIF


GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump spews an unprecedented amount of bullshit. So it's about time someone created a GIF of Trump literally spewing a giant load of bull manure as if he were orally projectile-defecating.

High school art teacher Andrew Kong Knight made a political art piece commenting on Donald Trump and the current situation in American politics with — yes — real cow manure. Lucky for the internet, Knight made a GIF of it. 

The GIF plays on media's heavy coverage of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. "Breaking News: B.S. Spreading Across America," a news ticker at the bottom reads. 

This isn't the first time Trump's inspired brilliant art. Artist Illma Gore said she faces an indefinite Facebook ban after sharing her sketch of naked Donald Trump sporting a micropenis in light of his recent comments defending his manhood. 

And then there's the genius who added Snapchat's barfing rainbow filter to Trump's face during a television interview last September:

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