Miley Cyrus Stays Sane With Yoga, See Her Intense Routine on Instagram


On Thursday, Miley Cyrus took to Instagram to show fans that yes, she's a yoga pro. The Bangerz artist posted a series of four yoga poses, some with Cyrus balancing on her head and twisting impressively. (Maybe advanced poses are the only way to combat Hollywood's spotlight?)

"Starting da day right," she said in her first post. Following that was a caption that read, "Gotta do yoga not for my body but for my mind! Do yoga or go crazy!" Cyrus is known to be a fan of both yoga and Pilates.

Commenting fans commended her for being a yogi. "I love yoga too! You are so strong and flexible," one user wrote. Others were "impressed." 

In her last post, Cyrus hashtagged #ashtanga, which is a style of yoga (also called the "eight-limbed yoga") that syncs up breath with posture, forcing the yogi to sweat and detoxify muscles and organs, resulting in a calmed mind. "Think of it like twisting a rag to get the water out of it; yoga helps get out the toxins and increase blood flow," instructor Scott Harig told Esquire

Other than a morning yoga session, another part of Cyrus' schedule is filming for Woody Allen's mostly unknown television series, according to People. For that, Cyrus dons a long blonde wig.