How Donald Trump Broke Up This Gay Man's Relationship


Arkansas man Terrence Lee saw his six-year relationship deteriorate before his very eyes this year, thanks to one huge irreconcilable difference:

He supported Donald Trump, while his partner felt the Bern.

In an email to Mic, 36-year-old Lee said that he has supported Trump ever since 2006, when he first moved to New York City and stayed at Trump International Hotel and Tower. "The attention to detail was/is incredible," he told Mic. "That is why I support his campaign. We need a president that handles the meticulous details. Yes, some of his speeches come off very radical. But at least he speaks from the heart."

But as Lee's love for Trump grew, his relationship with his partner began to suffer. Lee said the final nail in the coffin came earlier this month, when Trump proposed building a wall between Mexico and the United States. 

Lee said his ex-partner ultimately broke up with him because he supported Trump's stance on immigration. "I am for something that stops the heavy flow of illegal immigrants," Lee said. "[My ex] had lots of illegal workers on [his] farm."

Lee's pro-Trump tweets have been getting some attention on the internet this week, mostly due to the fact that he is a gay man of color. (Trump has consistently opposed marriage equality.) One Twitter user even compared Lee's pro-Trump stance to a witch supporting the "Holy Inquisition."  

This isn't the first time that supporting Trump has threatened to be the death of a romantic relationship. In an essay titled "Trump is Tearing My Marriage Apart" for the Cut earlier this month, Mandy Stadtmiller described the many fighting matches she's endured as a result of being married to a man who supports the Republican candidate.

"I don't want this screaming shitshow to be our marriage," Stadtmiller wrote. "I want to support my spouse no matter what. I want him to support me no matter what. But as it stands right now, Donald Trump is causing more problems for our marriage than if Pat were having a secret affair with Melania."

The couple ultimately worked it out by declaring "a moratorium on political discussion before sleep," but such fundamental disagreements are not always so easily overcome. Of his politically-charged breakup, Lee told Mic that he's slowly been able to come to terms with it.

"[It was] sore at first, but I respect his decision," he said. "I value peoples' opinions even if they are different from my own."

h/t Queerty