6 Recipes That Prove You Can Make Almost Anything in a Microwave


Throw out your stove, oven, grill and fire pit. Seriously, you don't need any kitchen appliances but a microwave. In fact, you could be stranded on a desert island with a microwave (and some ingredients and electricity) and you'd be set. Microwaves can handily make anything from risotto to bacon to cinnamon rolls to ratatouille and beyond.

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Here are six life-changing microwave recipes.

1. Microwave Monkey Bread

All you need is some butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, biscuits, a bundt pan and four grueling microwave minutes to spare while you wait for this gooey, oozing deliciousness to cook. The recipe's here.

2. Microwave Quiche

This light and bright quiche in a mug just needs one minute in the microwave. The recipe's here

3. Microwave Mac and Cheese

We're not talking Kraft. We're not talking Annie's. We're talking fresh noodles and fresh cheese melted to perfection. The recipe's here.

4. Microwave Salmon

If cooking fish in the microwave is wrong, what is right? This recipe involves a fresh salmon fillet, some red potatoes, garnishes and parchment paper as a means to steam the fish. And it's healthy, which is refreshing now and then. The recipe's here.

5. Microwave Fried Rice

Healthy Nibbles & Bits

OK, it's obviously not legitimately fried because that's one of the few cooking methods that lie outside the microwave's abilities, but it's easier to make. It also has bacon. So don't complain. The recipe's here.

6. Microwave Cookie-In-A-Cup

This one speaks for itself. The recipe's here