Jan Brewer Obama Endorsement: AZ Governor Misspeaks at RNC


Arizonan Governor Jan Brewer, who just days ago accused President Barack Obama of race-baiting and pandering to Latino voters, accidentally endorsed the President at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday.

The video shows Jan Brewer at the RNC telling NBC New's Ron Mott, "I know that if President Obama is elected in November, which I hope that he is, that he will be able to come together with all of us and come up with a solution. I believe he will secure our borders, and therefore we can resolve all those other issues. It's a simple matter."  

On Tuesday, Brewer said of Obama, "Look what he's done: he hasn't secured my borders." Brewer and Obama have a contentious past, mostly due to immigration policy and border issues in Arizona. In January, Brewer testily greeted Obama at the Phoenix airport. She then called the President "thin-skinned" for reacting negatively to her book, Scorpions for Breakfast, in which she claims that Obama 'lectured' her over immigration. Obama has argued that SB 1070, which Brewer endorsed and signed into law, undermines "basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans." In response, Brewer claimed that the Obama administration effectively told Arizona to 'drop dead.'

The Governor's office almost immediately released a statement to ABC15 claiming that the endorsement was a mistake.

"Governor Brewer misspoke, obviously, and certainly isn't the first official to have done so amid the noise and chaos of a crowded convention hall or rally. It happens - even to newscasters and TV pros. Regardless, given the Governor's record of challenging President Obama, it's a stretch to think anyone would believe she's supporting his re-election. The Governor stands with Mitt Romney."