Man Uses Flesh From His Own Damn Leg to Find Out What Humans Taste Like


Ever wonder what human flesh tastes like? Chicken? Beef? Rabbit? A meaty, gamey combination of the three? BBC science reporter Greg Foot did — so much so that he removed flesh from his own leg to find out. 

Foot had connective tissue removed from his own damn thigh to discover what it tastes like. The dude was ready to chow down on his own self, but unfortunately eating human flesh is illegal. So he worked around the law by smelling the aromas of his cooked thigh meat, which scientists said encompasses 80% of the flavor composition. 

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Foot showed repugnance on the first whiff, but then his face loosened up. "That actually smells quite nice," he said. "Really meaty though. Like a lot richer than pork or chicken."

Using the aroma from his flesh sample, scientists made a replica burger — using lamb and pork. 

Human burger, coming right up.