Chrontella, the Marijuana-Infused Nutella, Is the Edible of Your Dreams


The marijuana edibles game has just reached a new high. The aptly named Chrontella is a marijuana-infused version of the beloved hazelnut-chocolate spread Nutella, according to High Snobiety

With each jar of chocolatey goodness comes 300 mg of cannabis extract, according to Vice. There are about three servings in every $23 jar. Sorry Americans, but Chrontella is manufactured and sold exclusively in select retailers in Canada.

"It's taken the cannabis community by storm," Jamie Carlton, manager of Canadian Qualimeds dispensary, told Vice. "It's not just a cookie. Now I can medicate with my morning toast."

As expected, consumers are digging the medicated Nutella knockoff, especially for the ultimate wake and bake breakfast. One Instagram user wrote, "Looks and tastes the exact same, wtf?! Unreal." 

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To complete the late-night treat with a bonus, the makers of Chrontella also make Pif, a creamy peanut butter that's also infused with cannabis. 

Just try not to devour the jars in one sitting.