12 #SaferThanATrumpRally Tweets Put the Candidate's Violent Rallies in Perspective


Reporters choke-slammed. A black man sucker-punched. Protesters beaten, bruised and bloody. Such are the trappings of recent campaign rallies for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

While Trump has said before he doesn't "condone" the violence that has become routine among his supporters, the candidate not only placed part of the blame on protesters, but even said he'd chip in for the legal fees of those who face charges for their aggression.

All things considered, these factors make going to a Trump rally a risky move. On Monday, In an effort to inject some humor into an increasingly worrisome trend, Twitter users started the hashtag #SaferThanATrumpRally, which features a running tab of behaviors that might have once been considered high risk, but have since been out-shined by Trump's violent supporters.

And the truth hurts.

The tweets went from hyperbolic:

...to a little too real:

...to just plain silly: 

One Twitter user said she recently swam with sharks, and she can confirm: It was #SaferThanATrumpRally.

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