Jan Brewer Endorses Obama at RNC and Other Classic Brewer Gaffes Caught on Camera


On Wednesday at the Republican National Convention, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer accidentally endorsed President Obama, which can't really come as a surprise. In a few short years, Brewer has amassed an impressive list of gaffes, blunders, and awkward teleprompter pauses that would put George W. Bush to shame. The thing about Bush's mistakes is that in an odd way they made him kind of endearing, as he had a natural talent for laughing off each facepalm-inducing screw-up. But Brewer has no such gift for taking gaffes in stride, and the result has been a series of cringe-worthy moments that have been caught on camera, much to the delight of those inclined to engage in some schadenfreude.

1. Brewer endorses Obama for president at the RNC

If Barack Obama can persuade Jan Brewer of all people to endorse him after this...

...it's curtains for Mitt Romney. I'm pretty sure wagging your finger in the face of anyone, let alone the president, is bad form. 

2. Horrendous opening statement from a 2010 gubernatorial debate

Look. Debate gaffes are a part of any politician's life. But this was her opening statement, which should be the most polished part of a candidate's performance. It's not like she was asked a tough question and was speaking off-the-cuff. The most amazing aspect of this is the fact that the people of Arizona still elected her. 

3. Headless bodies!

Brewer had come under fire from her 2010 gubernatorial challenger Terry Goddard for saying that headless bodies had been found in the Arizona desert, and that this made immigration reform all the more urgent. The problem is, it simply wasn't true. 

4. Teleprompter fails

Really? Your teleprompter went dead? I never would've known because of the super awesome job you were doing at improvising.