Apple iOS 9.3 Update 2016: Here Are the 3 Key New Features of Latest iPhone Update


During Apple's product release announcement Monday in Cupertino, California, Apple vice president of iOS, iPad and iPhone product marketing Greg Joswiak unveiled iOS 9.3 and gave a demo on its features. In case you had any lingering doubts as to whether you want to upgrade, here are the notable features of Apple's new operating system. 

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Night Shift


When enabled, Night Shift is a feature that uses your device's clock and geolocation to determine whether it is sunset, and then automatically shifts the colors on your iOS device to the warmer end of the color spectrum to help you sleep better during the night. This feature is based on studies showing that blue lights and hues inhibit sleep at night.

More secure Notes


In addition to a redesign, Notes has been upgraded with new security features; users are now capable of protecting notes with passcode or fingerprint unlock.


CarPlay is now more intuitive due to the integration of Maps and Apple Music. Users can play music and playlists compiled by themselves or by experts. Maps' "nearby" feature allows users to easily find gas stations, parking and restaurants.

h/t Cnet