This Video Shows How a Samsung Galaxy S7 Fares in a Washing Machine


Samsung's new Galaxy S7 phone is advertised as being impervious to solids (e.g., sand or dust) and liquids (e.g., toilet plunges). 

Max Lee, a minor YouTube celebrity who vlogs about technology, put that rating to the ultimate test: 45 minutes in a washing machine. Lee recorded the experiment because of course he did.

And, much to Samsung's ostensible relief, the phone held up.

The video begins with Lee placing his phone, contained in a flimsy case, in a washing machine with other garments and towels. 


And because you have cat videos to watch, Lee sped up the video to 80 times the normal speed for the duration of the 45-minute cycle. 


At the end of the cycle, Lee fishes out his phone, removes the cover and wipes it down. It needed a breather after that rollercoaster ride of emotions and didn't immediately unlock. But, sure enough, after approximately a 40-second recovery time, the phone comes back to life. 


Others have taken Samsung to task using other methods — like taking the S7 for a swim. But this is the most extensive washing machine experiment of which we're aware.

Great news for those who have always wished their phone smelled more like a "spring meadow."

h/t the Independent