This Kickstarter Project Is Looking to Create X-Ray T-Shirts


Teaching kids about the body just got cooler. Curiscope has launched a new project on Kickstarter. The Virtuali-Tee is a T-shirt that will allow children to simulate looking into the human body's skeletal, digestive and circulatory systems. 

"Teachers are hungry for innovative ways to engage their students, and immersive experiences like the Virtuali-Tee makes the curriculum come to life in a surprising and exciting way that will make it stick," Blake Knight, Global Marketing Manager for Mattel, said in a on the Kickstarter page

"Leveraging emerging technology such as [virtual-reality] and [augmented-reality] in the classroom is creating experiences that will open children's eyes to possibilities, leading to a lifetime of curiosity and exploration."

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The T-shirt doesn't really offer X-ray vision into the body. Rather, the shirt must be used with a mobile phone or tablet to produce images of the internal human anatomy. The Virtuali-Tee will produce those images by using QR codes — automated barcodes.

The crowdfunding effort currently has over 1,300 backers, with a little over a week to go in order to meet their goal of $96,957. As of Tuesday, the Kickstarter project has raised $73,706.