Able-Bodied Woman Is Very Not OK With Being Called Out for Parking in a Handicapped Spot


Another day, another viral YouTube clip of an able-bodied woman parked in a handicapped parking spot throwing coffee at a man who filmed her getting back into her car.

The confrontation, which went down outside of a Toronto Tim Horton's, was sparked when the cell phone vigilante pursued the woman, who was carrying two coffees, and pressed her on why she had taken up a space reserved for handicapped drivers, the Canadian Press reported.

"Why do you park in handicapped spots? Are you handicapped?" asks the man, who posted the original clip to YouTube on Monday.

"No," she responds, hurrying to get into her Jeep.

"Well, what makes you so special that you can park in a handicapped spot?" he inquires.

"Record me, I'll break your fucking phone," she responds.

As the man pans down to record her license plate number, the woman tosses what appears to be an iced coffee at him, yelling expletives as she does it.

"What makes you so special?" he asks her repeatedly. The woman proceeds to toss her remaining hot coffee at him.

The videographer can be heard in the clip claiming that he plans to take the encounter to the police, to which the woman responds, "Good for you!"

Anchors on Canada's The Morning Show questioned whether the man recording, while well-intentioned, was actually "taking what is a bad situation there and really inflaming it."

But at least one Twitter user saw a chance for us all to learn a lesson:

"Behave like someone is video recording you," Dom Caruso wrote. "Especially if they are."

And especially if you were planning on drinking that coffee.

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