This Hilarious Comedy Sketch Nails the Huge Double Standard When It Comes to Birth Control


The funniest joke in CollegeHumor's video about birth control? "Have you guys ever thought about asking your boyfriends to try the male birth control pill?"

The question spins the three women in "Birth Control Keeps Getting Weirder" into a fit of hysterical laugher.

But, real talk: This is not funny.

Because it's real. Women are over here inserting semi-permanent devices into their uteruses for $900 to prevent pregnancy. Men, on the other hand, are still like "meh, condoms feel icky."

As the video astutely points out, women are turning to increasingly expensive and bizarre methods of birth control — and think it's completely normal. So normal, in fact, it's fodder for casual lunch chatter over lifeless salads.

Here are some highlights from the video:

"Barry and I are on this new method where they zapped my uterus into a dormant phase, my womb is essentially in a coma right now," one of the women shared first. 

Mic/College Humor

Side effects? Eh

Just that she only sleeps for an hour every other hour, but she swore you "barely notice it" after a while, plus it only costs $15,000 to insert (and another $15,000 to remove).

One of the other women is trying this new thing where she uploaded her consciousness to a cyborg for a mere $1 million so her husband could have sex with it — only side effect is she had to die to donate her consciousness to the cyborg. No biggie.

"Have you guys ever thought about asking your boyfriends to try the male birth control pill?" 

Mic/College Humor

 "Oh no, he'd never."

Mic/College Humor

"My boyfriend doesn't even want to use a condom."

Mic/College Humor