Cthulhu May Have Just Endorsed Donald Trump


Cthulhu, High Priest of the Great Old Ones, and Sleeper of R'lyeh may have a new title to add to his illustrious resume — proud Trumper.

Washington Post contributor Alexandra Petri relayed a dream she had, where the sleeping tentacled monster appeared to endorse gadfly Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump. "Long have I slumbered in the vasty deeps, beyond the reach of time, waiting for the stars to turn," said Cthulhu, Petri reported. "But now I feel the call. I feel the movement, the earthquake. The Trump calls me from my slumber." 

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Trump's message and will to disorder, said the dark entity, are the driving forces behind his endorsement. 

"Who better to usher in a new and monstrous age of ultimate chaos?" asked Cthulhu.

Cthulhu, a mythical creature from the universe of science-horror writer H.P Lovecraft spends most of its time dwelling in his underground city of R'lyeh. The ancient beast which promises to one day consume all of humanity, has flirted with public office in the past, most notably a third party presidential run in the 2012.

"In him, I recognize a kindred spirit," Cthulhu said of Trump. "Like me, he possesses the power to drive those around him to insanity." 

If the endorsement is confirmed, the octopussian creature will join New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson as one of the billionaire's scariest, most high-profile supporters. So far, the Trump campaign has issued no comment.

But how effective will a Cthulu endorsement prove? Well that all depends on one thing: the number of R'lyeh's electoral votes.

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