Satirical Sketch Reveals What Makeup Ads Would Look Like if They Were Real With Us

Here's the thing with makeup ads: If they were honest, you'd know the model isn't actually wearing the makeup being advertised.

Sorry to ruin your day, but makeup advertising is a bunch of lies. 

This is what Cracked points out the satirical skit "If Makeup Ads Were Honest." 

If they were honest, here's what we would see: 

"Behind the camera, there's Ada ... An extremely well-paid makeup artist. She uses the good stuff. Her makeup's diamond-infused."

Source: Mic/Cracked

"Ronnie, our camera guy, is shooting this 30-second spot with the same camera they used on Avatar.

Source: Mic/Cracked

"The manufacturers put a fraction of a gram of papaya oil in this makeup so they could show you papaya in the commercial."

Source: Mic/Cracked

"It makes you think the makeup is natural."

Source: Mic/Cracked

"Maybe I'm born with it, maybe it's $75 grand worth of work. ... Maybe you're born with it, probably not."

Source: Mic/Cracked


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