Satirical Sketch Reveals What Makeup Ads Would Look Like if They Were Real With Us


Here's the thing with makeup ads: If they were honest, you'd know the model isn't actually wearing the makeup being advertised.

Sorry to ruin your day, but makeup advertising is a bunch of lies. 

This is what Cracked points out the satirical skit "If Makeup Ads Were Honest." 

If they were honest, here's what we would see: 

"Behind the camera, there's Ada ... An extremely well-paid makeup artist. She uses the good stuff. Her makeup's diamond-infused."


"Ronnie, our camera guy, is shooting this 30-second spot with the same camera they used on Avatar.


"The manufacturers put a fraction of a gram of papaya oil in this makeup so they could show you papaya in the commercial."


"It makes you think the makeup is natural."


"Maybe I'm born with it, maybe it's $75 grand worth of work. ... Maybe you're born with it, probably not."



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