President Obama Dances the Tango in Argentina — And Into Our Hearts


The sun is setting on Barack Obama's time as president of the United States, but the Commander-in-Chief knows how to go out with style. Case in point: this moment in Argentina.

During an official visit to the South American country, President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama got in a little tango during a state dinner in Buenos Aires.


There were moments of awkwardness. At one point the president appeared eager to leave and at another he betrayed his nerves with an apprehensive smile. And then there was this moment...


...  but for the most part Obama held his own. 

The moment was one of seeming spontaneity, following a dance demonstration by two professionals. As Argentine President Mauricio Macri explained its history, the dancers offered their hands to the first couple and it all went form there.

Fresh off his historic visit to Cuba, Obama is in Argentina to bolster ties between the two nations. A staple of his trip so far has been a promise to declassify documents relating to Argentina's "dirty war" in the 1970 and '80s, where a brutal dictatorship killed or "disappeared" more than 30,000 people, NPR reported.  

And also, naturally, to tango. 

Watch the full dance here.