Rumors of Beyoncé's New Album Dropping This Weekend Have the BeyHive Buzzing


Beyoncé's new album is coming — the only question is when? It could be weeks, it could be days or it could be hours, according to her army of fans who are keeping very close eyes on her music pages. Could Beyoncé be releasing her album this weekend? Here's what we know.

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The internet experienced a moment of panic Wednesday night when Twitter account Shady Music Facts dropped the following bomb:

"Beyoncé's iTunes page is down...13 new unlisted videos have been added to her VEVO channel...THIS IS NOT A DRILL."

The Mic office, certainly, went on immediate and high alert. Jezebel also sounded the alarm, pointing out that there was some suspicious mathematical activity happening on said Vevo page. While Beyoncé's uploaded video count was at 117, there were 130 videos on the page at the time. As Shady Music Facts observed, there were in fact 13 unaccounted-for videos sitting on the singer's site.

Shady Music Facts then came out with another tweet. Her iTunes was back to normal, it said, confirming that the new Beyoncé album would drop in April. 

But the damage was done. The internet was already well into its freakout and speculating wildly. It hasn't stopped, either.

Of course, the Beyoncé-loving world has been waiting on pins and needles for her sixth album since she surprise-dropped her woke AF single, "Formation," in February. The BeyHive began buzzing about a potential release during the Super Bowl. Will Frank Ocean be on it? Mariah Carey? Will it address social justice? Hell, even before "Formation" came out, people were whispering about a forthcoming Beyoncé album

Immediately after the single came out though, Beyoncé announced she'd be going on a national tour starting April 27 — and in so doing, she broke the internet. While she didn't simultaneously announce an album release date, it would make sense that she'd get the thing out there before the tour began. PopSugar put forth the intriguing theory that, based on Beyoncé's love of the number four, her next album would be released on April 4. 

There's no confirmation on that, but signs do point toward April, which — incidentally — does not begin this weekend. But if Beyoncé's last album is anything to go off of, we can expect that the drop will be unexpected, possibly in the middle of the night and absolutely life-altering, as far as the BeyHive is concerned.