Newt Gingrich RNC 2012 Speech Text: Highlights and Excerpts


Former Speaker of the House and Republican presidential candidate New Gingrich delivered a joint speech with wife Calista right after a Ronald Reagan video tribute that sought to contrast Reagan's vision with Carter's and -- by extension -- Obama's. 

Gingrich, who was involved in a nasty primary campaign with Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and others, called for the Republican Party to "come together" under the leadership of Mitt Romney.

The rare joint speech, included the typical conservative vision of free enterprise and energy independence. The Gingrich blasted Obama as they blasted Carter for "in only four years" endangering the American Dream -- risking the true essence of America, unless a change of course is achieved. 

As far as concrete policies, the Gingrich talked about Mitt Romney's plan for "North American Energy Independence." They compared Romney's plan to Ronald Reagan's "bold leadership" -- the same kind of leadership that America supposedly needs right now. 

The Gingrich concluded by attacking President Obama's "class warfare" and saying he should be "ashamed" for his "passion for taxing those who create jobs." He added that Obama is "a repudiation" of Reagan's values.    

Gingrich has come a long way since the primary where he called Romney a "vulture capitalist."